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k. "China has contributed one-third of the group's overall growth▓ last year."In 2017, Danfoss delivered the highest sales growth in six years: its sales inc

reased 10 percent year-on-year to 5.8 billon euros ($7.16 billion).Despite chal▓lenges like rising unilateralism and protectionism elsewhere in the world, France's Schneider Electric SA believes China's new round of opening-up will not only become a main source of the country's own developm

ent, but also bring opportunities and shared prosperity to the whole world."China's new direction, further reform and openness, will certainly bring more opportunities to Schneider Electri

percent growth in the country

c. The opportunity is mainly in ar▓eas including green city development,

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POST DATE: 10-10-2021
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der Electric's chief executive officer.Tricoire said ▓the tangible development relating

to the Be▓lt and Road Initiative will become another highlight for China to further expand its market-opening channels, he said.Schneider Electric has▓ already worked with a number of Chinese companies such as China National Building Materials Group Co in m▓arke

a's reform and opening-u p policy, an d we are very optimistic abo ut our futur e in China, whic▓h is our secon d home market," said Kjeld Stark , president of D anfoss China." The strong growth in China▓ is a clear sign of the perfect alignm ent between ou r business por tfolio and China's d▓evelopment i nitiatives ," said Star 醴陵市wap 卢湾区wap 海安县5G 朝阳区5G 科尔沁左翼后旗wap 英山县5G 钟山县5G 西藏自治区5G 延津县5G 运城市5G 德清县5G 吉林市5G 定陶县wap 远安县wap 固镇县5G 綦江县wap 郑州市wap 纳雍县5G 平谷区5G 蓟县wap 今日新开一秒传奇私服 传奇私服扫号器 传奇私服登录器打不开 创世传奇私服 开个传奇私服多少钱 传奇私服外挂那个好用 暗黑传奇私服 仙剑迷失版传奇私服 仿盛大1.80传奇私服q 传奇私服开区全套教程